Washington State Route 105

State Route 105 is a bit off the beaten path for travelers along coast. Westport and a couple state parks line the coast facing the sea, but most of the cagers and the dreaded RVs go to their destination and back out (to Aberdeen) the way they came in.

South of Grayland is where SR105 gets really interesting. The road snuggles right up close to the beaches, get all twisty, and the traffic clears up. There’s many tempting spots for photographs, as illustrated by my images, but if you stop for every photo op, you miss out on some really great sweepers.

View of Grays Harbor from Bayview Road

A little creek draining into the bay.

One of the nice aspects of 105 is the parks along the roadway. There are several parks that face out towards the ocean, and a number of small parks tucked away along the shore of the bays that bracket SR105.

The sweepers on the south log of SR105 were especially deserted when I came through last. I’ve been on several roads in Western Washington that met the 30-second rule (more than 1 cage every 30 seconds), but only a couple of those actually went anywhere. Not only does SR105 have fantastic pavement and engineering with smooth clean corners, but you can actually ride this road while you’re on your way to someplace else.

Land meets Sea. Probably near Hawks Point.
Highway 105 running along the beach, piled high with entire driftwood trees

Overview Map of State Route 105:
Overview Map

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