Coyle Road / Dabob Road

Posted by Steve Deligan:

Just did a version of this route last Sunday (April 2007). The best way to do this is to go across the Hood Canal Bridge and continue on 104 until you reach South Point Rd. Follow that until Thorndyke. This is where the fun begins. Once you pass a neighborhood area you will be on a nice, unpopulated road with posted speed of 50. Windy road, few driveways or cross roads. When you get to Coyle, don’t bother going South. Just turn right and head back toward 104 and complete the loop.

Fun ride!

  • Road Name: Dabob Road & Coyle Road
  • Counties: Jefferson(WA)
  • Length: 19
  • Towns: Coyle, Dabob

Overview Map:
Overview Map

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