High Bridge Road / Snoqualmie Valley Road

High Bridge Road is a short piece of pavement tucked in between the hillsides of Southern Snohomish County and the Snoqualmie River.

Note: This road has become somewhat passe as it’s also a favorite of some of the high-performance enthusiasts living on the east side of King County. Due to the antics and inevitable crashes of some ignorant twats, enforcement on this road has gotten very strict. Ride at your own risk.

I actually swung over to this side of the valley on a whim one weekend. I generally prefer the more agrarian roads over on the east side of the Snoqualmie, but decided that I had waited long enough to go ride High Bridge.

High Bridge in and of itself is a nice little stretch of road comprised mostly of 35-40mph sweepers and a handful of sharp 15-20mph corners. Many of the corners seem to have gravel outside the normal car/truck tire tracks, but is rarely unmanageable unless you’re in over your head.

One drawback to High Bridge is the very highly-patrolled 35mph area in the Snohomish County section. The stunters and racers frequented this area, and the gendarme got tired to MercyFlight’ing people who were overcooking the road’s sharper corners.

High Bridge has some other flaws as well. One of these is a unreasonably high amount of traffic. I was well and truly shocked how busy this road was on a chilly and rainy autumn Sunday afternoon, and the cars drive just as erraticaly as the stunters on this road but with far less attention from the cops.

Being seasonally appropriate, watch out for leaving in the corners on this road. If they’re freshly blown out of the trees, you might be riding directly at a “wall-to-wall” carpet of leaves that will pitch out right over the edge of the bluff into the river valley below.

High Bridge is named West Snoqualmie Valley Road in King County. I don’t really bother to use that name much, as the interesting part is in Snohomish County anyway. South of 124 Street you’re better off over on State Route 203, as that section while busier is still more entertaining that what’s left of High Bridge.

  • Nice view of Snoqualmie Valley, for your passenger. You’re too busy dodging cars and gravel or wet leaves.
  • Access from north of SR522 via Eliot Road or from Echo Lake Road to Lost Lake Road to Welch Road.

High Bridge is very nice. Watch out for leaves and cagers in some of the blind corners.

View of the Snoqualmie River

This road is very heavily patrolled as at one point this road was a common hangout for stunters. It’s not as much nowadays, but enough riders hit the pavement here that the local cops haven’t let up yet. While technically not part of the same road, I also suggest Elliott Road and Lowell-Larimer Road on the north end continuing up into Everett. It’s reputedly a nice little suburban road.

  • Road Name: High Bridge Road/Snoqualmie Valley Road
  • Counties: King, Snohomish
  • Length: 14
  • Towns: Duvall, Novelty

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