Idaho State Route 13 ‘Harpster Grade’

This is road is another member of the Grangeville Gang. There just seems to be no end of lovely twisty little roads that go hither and yon through the countryside here, much like parts of Northern California. Every time you turn around, you find a new twisty road to run up and down.

It doesn’t have the magnificence and grandeur of Whitebird, but what you lack in scale you get in rhythm. Harpster Grade seems to almost glissade down the side of a ridge. The corners are all about the same radius and angle of directional rotation, which sets them up very nicely for being dispatched at a speed that might be otherwise uncomfortable on more technical roads such as Spiral Highway or the Whitebird.

  • County: Idaho County
  • Length: 15 miles
  • Towns: Grangeville, Harpster, Kooskia, North Lewiston, Stites

A full range of services are available in nearby Grangeville. The gas station on the north end of town had good gas when I was in there and plenty of ice-cold Gatorade. When it’s summer time and it’s warmed up in Idaho, you’ll be wanting the refreshment.

Overview Map:
Overview Map

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