Idaho State Route 14 to Elk City

The road to Elk City begins about halfway down the Harpster Grade from Grangeville.

The road runs along a small river with a number of very exciting rapids, and some hardy folks have even built footbridges out across the river and park their vehicles along the road.

Idaho 14 is also open rangeland, which is very surprising as its highly abundant in evergreen trees. Not what I would expect for raising cattle. Nevertheless, there are open range signs posted and there was more than once that I came around the corner and got a close-up view of the south end of a north-bound heiffer.

Otherwise this road is pretty good. Although it’s not as tight as other roads in the area, but it has very little traffic and miles up miles of river road. And you do have to watch for falling rocks in certain areas, just as you do with Harpster Grade.

  • Road Name: Idaho Route 14
  • Counties: Idaho
  • Length: 49 miles
  • Towns: Elk City, Fall Creek, Golden

Overview Map:
Overview Map

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