Boistfort Road / Wildwood Road

This is a very nice road. Not a lot of traffic and tolerable pavement, and the houses aren’t too close together either.

Most of the curves on this road are 40-50mph curves, with an occasional 20-mph right-angle corner.

There’s a general store and an analog fuel pump in Boistfort. But if you turn and go west at the ‘T’ at Boistfort, you can take the delectable Pe Ell-McDonald road on into Pe Ell where there’s a regular gas station with a credit card-enabled gas pump. When I got gas in Pe Ell, the gas was just fine and it seems to get a fair amount of business to keep the tanks turned over.

Unless you’re on your way to the Coast, I’d just turn around and head back to Boistfort out of Pe Ell and continue on down through Vader. I found Route 6 to be much too boring to justify skipping this road.

I must say, I like this little corner of SW Washington. Every single time I stopped to take a picture, somebody slowed down and rolled a window to make sure I was okay. Probably helps that just about every truck I saw had a dirt bike or ATV in the back too.

  • Road Name: Boistfort Rd / Wildwood Rd
  • Counties: Lewis(WA)
  • Length: 18 miles
  • Towns: Boistfort, Curtis, Klaber, Ryderwood

Overview Map:
Map of Boistfort Road

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