Logsden Road / Rock Creek Road

I had an opportunity to ride part of this road recently. I found it to be a very nice rural road without much traffic. The western half of the road that I did was quite enjoyable with very smooth pavement and built with well-engineered curves without extreme changes in curve radius.

If you’re riding a “serious sportbike” or a heavier sport-tourer, you should be aware that there is a multiple-mile stretch of this road that is completely unpaved on the extreme eastern end. It doesn’t show much for curves in maps, but other riders I’ve spoken with indicate that this section has some significant switchbacks in this unpaved area that may be problematic for such bikes bigger or more street-oriented than my V-strom. Also problematic is the road this one connects to: Eddyville-Blodgett Hwy (OR SR180). It’s in dire need of repair since large trucks have been using it as a detour around the US 20 construction zones and tearing the roadway up mercilessly.

I don’t have any pictures available yet, but will upload those once they’re developed.
One of our readers did this road in September 2006 and found it to be quite nice, with a layout that not’s overly technical and newish smooth pavement.

Courtesy of kbfalken:
I rode this one about a month ago (mid September 2006). This road totally rocks if you like twisties. Combine with the Siletz highway (also more turns than you can count), and you’ll have one of the best sport-bike type rides I’ve ever experienced. Good times!!

  • Road Name: Logsden Road (Siletz-Nashville, OR)
  • Counties: Lincoln(OR)
  • Length: 22
  • Towns: Logsden, Nashville, Siletz

Overview Map:
Overview Map

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