Yachats River Road

Following the Yachats River back up into the Oregon Coastal hills is this eponymous little road. It starts out inside the also eponymous little town of Yachats right off US 101 with a funky uphill and acute-angled intersection that goes right up the side of the hill.

Once you’re a few blocks in and getting outside of the vacation cottages, you notice that this is definitely an adventure road. The elevation changes are as abrupt as the curves and the pavement is patchy in spots where the river has damaged the roadbed. Truly, this road isn’t exactly an engineering marvel like nearby Oregon 34, but it’s a rather enjoyable little road that has a solid 8+ miles of pavement before it goes to gravel.

While the Alsea Highway and Yachats River Road ought to have a lot in common, the nature of state highway vs. county farm road is very apparent. If you ride this road with any aggression, be prepared to bottom out the suspension on the dips and maybe catch a little air coming off the tops.

There’s a few passing zones here, but it’s often the local cages passing the motorcycles as they drive this little road at fairly high speeds between town and their farms.

Additionally, there’s an high-traffic elk crossing near a wildlife preserve down by the river. I’d watch out for those elk. They’re bad news.

  • Length: 10 miles
  • Town: Yachats
  • County: Lincoln

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