Wawawai Canyon Road / Wawawai Road

“I must say, old chap. This is one delectable piece of pavement.” Yes, that really is the phrase that went through my mind as I was absolutely tearing down this little stretch of asphalt bliss. When not cackling like a proverbial witch, that is. At one recent event over in Eastern Washington, I was fortunate enough to make an opportune pass leaving me with a position up near the front of the pack, I had this road nearly to myself.

This little gem leads down from Pullman to the Snake River through some of the 35-40mph twisties that on my Wee-Strom are at very close but not quite peg-dragging angles. While I’m sure this road is one that can be ridden or driven in a relaxed manner, I find it one that really invites the rider to get in a little “practice” on the lovely curves. The corners are very well-built as well, without a lot off-camber or decreasing radius curves.

The interesting part of the road isn’t terribly long, as it ends up straight and flat along the reservoir under another name and turns southeast towards Idaho. But from the more-sedate top of the canyon to the full-on banzai corners near the bottom, it sure beats the pants off droning down US-195.

As a little extra bonus for sitting through the straight and flat along the reservoir, this road follows the north side of the river down to Lewiston and drops you off at the foot of the Spiral Highway. This Wawawai Canyon Road is indeed good fun, but The Spiral Highway’s handful of miles going up the Lewiston Grade blows all the others out of the water. It really is a must see.

  • Counties: Whitman
  • Length: 31 miles
  • Towns: Clarkston

Overview Map:
Overview Map

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