Cow Creek Road

This narrow little riverine road is a welcome diversion from the high-pressure freeway slog of Interstate 5. It hops out around circles around to the west in the north end of the Siskiyou Range.

It’s reputed to be a narrow and twisty little thing that zips around next to the creek with very little traffic in this isolated area. Some of the reports I’ve read indicate that sections of this road may not be paved.

  • Road Name: Cow Creek Road (Riddle-Dothan-Glendale)
  • Counties: Douglas(OR)
  • Length: 17
  • Towns: Brandt, Byers, Cow Creek, Dads Creek, Dothan, Glenbrook, Glendale, Reuben, Riddle, Union Creek
  • Overview Map:
    Overview Map

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