Oregon State Route 244

This is a shining example of Oregon’s fine sweeper roads. Another riverine highway, it connects US 395 with I-84 within 10 miles of connections to Old Emigrant Trail Road on one side and Oregon Route 82 (and Halfway, OR) on the other.

From west to east, it leaves Ukiah and at first follows Camas Creek and then Grande Ronde River to Hilgard. There’s several State parks along the way to help relax if you’ve already had a long day and a campground just east of Lehman Springs.

  • Road Name: Oregon Route 244 ‘Ukiah-Hilgard Highway’
  • Counties: Umatilla, Union
  • Length: 47
  • Towns: Hilgard, Lehman Springs, Starkey, Ukiah

Overview Map:
Overview Map

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