Cascade Lakes Highway (aka Century Drive)

While this road is certainly no Aufderheide, it’s a fantastic road that I highly recommend. It’s scenic, from disturbingly fresh-looking lava flows and fantastic views of Mt. Bachelor to sobering views of recent forest fires and the distinct possibility of up close and personal visit with the extremely large elk in the area. Link to… Continue reading Cascade Lakes Highway (aka Century Drive)

Paulina-Eastlake Road / Newberry Crater Road

This road is fantastic. There’s very little to see on US97 while trying to get there, but the luscious pavement, generous truck turnoffs on the uphill slope, and the fabulous sightlines make this road a must-ride. While I didn’t go all the way up to the top personally, several of my friends did and reported… Continue reading Paulina-Eastlake Road / Newberry Crater Road

Crater Lake Loop

For a meager $5 admission (per person) you can visit a site of lovely twisty roads and incomparable beauty (this coming from a Seattle-ite). Crater Lake is sited in Southern Oregon, not terribly far from the California State Line. Crater Lake is quite popular with West Coast motorcyclists, as shown by motorcycle license plates from… Continue reading Crater Lake Loop

Quartzville Road / Santiam FS 11

I’ve heard absolutely phenomenal things about this road. Fantastic Cascade mountain vistas, beautiful lakes, a lively rapids-strewn river, and tight twisty bits too. Road Name: Forest Road 11 / Quartzville Rd / N. River Rd Counties: Linn Length: 54 Towns: Lone Star, Sweet Home Overview Map: Google Map: