Sunrise Park Road, Mount Rainier National Park

Sunrise Park Road Road to Sunrise Ampitheater The Road to Sunrise Ampitheatre is extremely twisty and challenging. The paving also leaves a lot of be desired with large frost heaves and sunken sections of pavement. Be quite careful when riding this road due to these concerns and the astonishingly heavy tourist traffic in the afternoons.… Continue reading Sunrise Park Road, Mount Rainier National Park

Washington State Route 530 ‘Pioneer Highway’

Pioneer Highway. A nice curvy specimen of roadcraft and an apt name as well, since the road curves here and there all over the Stillaguamish River valley. The pavement is a little rough and appears to be surprisingly light-duty for what is a state highway, after all. There’s significant bumps along the road and small… Continue reading Washington State Route 530 ‘Pioneer Highway’

Cloquallum Road (Shelton – Elma, WA)

This a classic forest road in the rural backwoods of Western Washington. Nestled within the glacial river valleys that once drained Puget Sound down to Grays Harbor, this road is bracketed throughout its entire 24 mile length by ridges, ponds and hillsides. Just as you would expect from geography and location, the road is tree-lined… Continue reading Cloquallum Road (Shelton – Elma, WA)

Washington State Route 503 (South Leg)

For those not from Western Washington, State Route 503 may need a bit of explanation. This road starts over at Interstate 5 and heads East to the village of Yale, then turns to the South and down towards Vancouver, Washington. While the West Leg of 503 is a nice little road, it’s becoming increasingly urbanized… Continue reading Washington State Route 503 (South Leg)

Hurricane Ridge

The scene is set in the late Spring of 2007. A year not known for summery weather at best, it was decided that a trip out of Hurricane Ridge was in order. My wife has been demanding such a visit for years, and I was in no position to argue over such a visit. None… Continue reading Hurricane Ridge