BayOcean Road / Netarts Highway / Cape Meares Road

Note: As of 2013, this road has been closed above Oceanside due to a landslide.As of early 2022, the work is expected to be completed in the autumn of 2023. I had an opportunity to ride this road in August of 2007. I’d heard all sorts of stories about how horrible the road condition is… Continue reading BayOcean Road / Netarts Highway / Cape Meares Road

Idaho State Route 55

Up along the East side of Lake Cascade, through the quaint mountain towns at the very edge of the Idaho Rocky Mountains is Idaho State Route 55. While it’s often a bit crowded on the weekends carrying visitors up from Boise to the resorts and vacation homes around the lake and a bit too straight… Continue reading Idaho State Route 55

Washington State Route 11 ‘Chuckanut Drive’

Chuckanut Drive is a bit of a throwback. As anyone in Western Washington knows, this road is narrow, tight, and often terribly busy. It’s also quite scenic, and that’s what most of the cagers are going there for. Chuckanut provides many different views of Puget Sound and the many curves and pulloffs provide myriad spots… Continue reading Washington State Route 11 ‘Chuckanut Drive’

Washington State Route 261

What can I say about this road? How about: Wow! This is a highly-technical road full of high-speed sweepers that will bring out the best of any motorcyclist. I was hitting cornering speeds that I normally don’t ever have an opportunity to attain in Western Washington. The road is chock-full of elevation changes and corners… Continue reading Washington State Route 261