BayOcean Road / Netarts Highway / Cape Meares Road

Note: As of 2013, this road has been closed above Oceanside due to a landslide.As of early 2022, the work is expected to be completed in the autumn of 2023. I had an opportunity to ride this road in August of 2007. I’d heard all sorts of stories about how horrible the road condition is… Continue reading BayOcean Road / Netarts Highway / Cape Meares Road

Manila Creek Road (Peter Dan Road)

Puget Sound riders often lament that there’s no good places to go ride that aren’t completely riddled with speed traps, but perhaps what’s needed is a new place to ride. Manila Creek Road is just such a place. While it’s not 80 miles of uninterrupted twisties like FS25, you’re not going to see much traffic… Continue reading Manila Creek Road (Peter Dan Road)

Glenwood-Goldendale Road

When one is asked to envision a place with jaw-dropping scenery and fantastic twisty roads, the Klickitat River Canyon is generally not the first thing on anybody’s mind. It’s set back in a little nook between the Cascade and the Simcoe Mountain north of Goldendale. The Klickitat has carved an impressive channel down through “The… Continue reading Glenwood-Goldendale Road

Oregon State Route 74 ‘Heppner Highway’

As just about any decent map can tell you, 74 runs from a lonely little interchange on I-84 up by the Columbia down through small farm towns and back up to another lonely little interchange just east of Vinson on US Route 395. None of it surprising and none of it very interesting on the… Continue reading Oregon State Route 74 ‘Heppner Highway’