Kirby-Mayview Road / Lower Deadman Road

This is a truly fantastic road. On one end of the road, you have a fairly well-maintained US Highway (US Route 12), and on the other you have one of the Snake River’s more fascinating civil engineering projects, the Lower Granite Dam. The Kirby-Mayview Road departs US 12 at an acutely-angled intersection a few miles… Continue reading Kirby-Mayview Road / Lower Deadman Road

Eastern Washington’s Inner Passage

Note: This isn’t any particular road, but rather a serious of loosely-connected roads that allow one to thread their way through some surprisingly empty country laying between Interstate 90 and WA SR26. The Inner Passage holds a marked allure for me. Usually, when I am trying to get an event or a function, I’m in… Continue reading Eastern Washington’s Inner Passage

South Skagit Highway / Concrete – Sauk Valley Road

Update: 2021-May — As of January 2021, this road is temporarily closed at Mile post 13 due to the shoulder of the road collapsing and carrying away part of a lane. —- South Skagit Highway and Concrete-Sauk Valley Road provide a very scenic back way from Sedro Wooley to the Mountain Loop Highway and south… Continue reading South Skagit Highway / Concrete – Sauk Valley Road