Sunrise Park Road, Mount Rainier National Park

Sunrise Park Road Road to Sunrise Ampitheater The Road to Sunrise Ampitheatre is extremely twisty and challenging. The paving also leaves a lot of be desired with large frost heaves and sunken sections of pavement. Be quite careful when riding this road due to these concerns and the astonishingly heavy tourist traffic in the afternoons.… Continue reading Sunrise Park Road, Mount Rainier National Park

Oregon State Route 245 ‘Dooley Mountain Highway’

Way over in the eastern end of Oregon, is one of the most challenging sections of rural highway Oregon has to offer. Called Dooley Mountain Highway, it’s an amazing piece of road that leaves almost no time at all to enjoy, let alone ponder, the fantastic scenery from 4000′ or so feet up. Abandoned Barn… Continue reading Oregon State Route 245 ‘Dooley Mountain Highway’

Idaho State Route 5

If one were forced to describe Idaho roadways with but one word, there’s no better choice than ‘Solitude’. Having ridden down and around the “interesting” side of Lake Coeur d’Alene, I needed to get back over to the highway to find my way down to the Lewiston and then Rattlesnake Grades. Idaho Route 5 provided… Continue reading Idaho State Route 5

Eastern Washington’s Inner Passage

Note: This isn’t any particular road, but rather a serious of loosely-connected roads that allow one to thread their way through some surprisingly empty country laying between Interstate 90 and WA SR26. The Inner Passage holds a marked allure for me. Usually, when I am trying to get an event or a function, I’m in… Continue reading Eastern Washington’s Inner Passage