Gifford-Pinchot Forest Service Road 25

NOTE: Recent ride reports indicate that pavement conditions on FS25 have deteriorated markedly since 2021, and this road is no longer recommended to be ridden above the 35mph speed limit or by vehicles with limited suspension travel. Front Heaves are present in several sections of roadway and several 100 yard long sections of pavement appear… Continue reading Gifford-Pinchot Forest Service Road 25

Washington State Route 508

I’ve traveled Washington Route 508 on many occasions. Sometimes I’m traveling to or from gatherings in Portland, and sometimes simply out enjoying an afternoon away from family and work, and sometimes I’m seeking to avoid the harried, frantic pace set by those on Interstate 5 or US12. This well-paved country highway engenders a different kind… Continue reading Washington State Route 508

High Bridge Road / Snoqualmie Valley Road

High Bridge Road is a short piece of pavement tucked in between the hillsides of Southern Snohomish County and the Snoqualmie River. Note: This road has become somewhat passe as it’s also a favorite of some of the high-performance enthusiasts living on the east side of King County. Due to the antics and inevitable crashes… Continue reading High Bridge Road / Snoqualmie Valley Road