Washington State Route 503 (South Leg)

For those not from Western Washington, State Route 503 may need a bit of explanation. This road starts over at Interstate 5 and heads East to the village of Yale, then turns to the South and down towards Vancouver, Washington. While the West Leg of 503 is a nice little road, it’s becoming increasingly urbanized… Continue reading Washington State Route 503 (South Leg)

Oregon State Route 202

The first time that I rode through in August of 2007, the western stretch of this road was a wondrous piece of pavement with fresh, racetrack-smooth pavement that was to die for even in the wet. Then the paving stopped. And it became an adventure road. It was wet, gnarly, bumpy, frost-heavy, and oh yes,… Continue reading Oregon State Route 202

South Skagit Highway / Concrete – Sauk Valley Road

Update: 2021-May — As of January 2021, this road is temporarily closed at Mile post 13 due to the shoulder of the road collapsing and carrying away part of a lane. —- South Skagit Highway and Concrete-Sauk Valley Road provide a very scenic back way from Sedro Wooley to the Mountain Loop Highway and south… Continue reading South Skagit Highway / Concrete – Sauk Valley Road