Washington State Route 261

What can I say about this road? How about: Wow! This is a highly-technical road full of high-speed sweepers that will bring out the best of any motorcyclist. I was hitting cornering speeds that I normally don’t ever have an opportunity to attain in Western Washington. The road is chock-full of elevation changes and corners… Continue reading Washington State Route 261

Manila Creek Road (Peter Dan Road)

Puget Sound riders often lament that there’s no good places to go ride that aren’t completely riddled with speed traps, but perhaps what’s needed is a new place to ride. Manila Creek Road is just such a place. While it’s not 80 miles of uninterrupted twisties like FS25, you’re not going to see much traffic… Continue reading Manila Creek Road (Peter Dan Road)

Oregon State Route 86 ‘Baker-Copperfield Highway’

Leading out of the Baker City, Oregon Route 86 is the most direct route out to the Hell’s Canyon area. And as one might surmise from the maps of the roadway, it might seem a bit too straight and a bit too flat if one’s gotten spoiled by the Central Oregon roads in the previous… Continue reading Oregon State Route 86 ‘Baker-Copperfield Highway’

Oregon State Route 207 (Ruggs – Mitchell)

Another fantastic Central Oregon route, here we have over 80 miles of nearly unbroken sweepers and hairpins in the Ruggs – Mitchell segment of Oregon Route 207. As this route does one of those strange Oregon multi-plexing things where it forms an ‘X’ across North Central oregon with Route 19, I’ll deal with this in… Continue reading Oregon State Route 207 (Ruggs – Mitchell)