Washington State Route 142

Washington State Route 142 is one of those odd little rural highways that were carved out of the native landscape to serve some of the small and medium sized town in the area. The section from Goldendale to the first set of twisties is about 8 miles long, but once you’ve got the straight section… Continue reading Washington State Route 142

US Route 20 in the Oregon Coast Range (Newport to Philomath)

Road Update: As of 2018, The Oregon Department of Transportation has finally opened up the new bypass through the Eddyville area. US20 is now much safer, faster, and straighter. Sadly, this road report may need to be removed soon. I can’t easily recall how many times fellow riders have maligned the US Route highway here… Continue reading US Route 20 in the Oregon Coast Range (Newport to Philomath)

Yachats River Road

Following the Yachats River back up into the Oregon Coastal hills is this eponymous little road. It starts out inside the also eponymous little town of Yachats right off US 101 with a funky uphill and acute-angled intersection that goes right up the side of the hill. Once you’re a few blocks in and getting… Continue reading Yachats River Road

Oregon State Route 53

Everyone that’s persevered sufficiently to read much of my writing knows that I’ve got a thing for old roads. New roads are fun and they’re fast, but they don’t satisfy me unless they have a bit of history behind them. This one doesn’t sound spectacular, but it’s a great little road that usually gets you… Continue reading Oregon State Route 53

Washington State Route 129 / Oregon State Route 3

Most of the road that you see below is only marginally a “motorcycle road”. In the summer, it’s hot and straight and not generally much fun throughout its length. Most riders could take it or leave and grudgingly acknowledge that it’s better than slogging up Interstate 5. But I also said “most of the road”.… Continue reading Washington State Route 129 / Oregon State Route 3