Oregon State Route 180

During my recent (August 2007) trip down the Oregon Coast, I gave this road a try. At this time, I cannot recommend this road for non-dualsport motorcycles. The road surface is extremely rough and consists primarily of patches, some of which are weathered concrete in the midst of this otherwise asphalt/chip-seal roadway. This roadway has… Continue reading Oregon State Route 180

Nestucca Valley Road

The Nestucca Valley Road is a sparsely-traveled road that croses the Coastal Range between Carlton and Beaver in Northwestern Oregon. The road is very technical with gravel in many of the corners and no discernible rhythm. It felt far more difficult than FR99 coming down from Helens. NOT a road for beginners or recently-returning riders.… Continue reading Nestucca Valley Road

High Bridge Road / Snoqualmie Valley Road

High Bridge Road is a short piece of pavement tucked in between the hillsides of Southern Snohomish County and the Snoqualmie River. Note: This road has become somewhat passe as it’s also a favorite of some of the high-performance enthusiasts living on the east side of King County. Due to the antics and inevitable crashes… Continue reading High Bridge Road / Snoqualmie Valley Road